EBIS invites you - The Recipe for Success - Power BI Real Use Cases Workshop
2021-06-09 News

EBIS invites you - The Recipe for Success - Power BI Real Use Cases Workshop

Please join us for a workshop on Microsoft Power BI hosted with our partner, Masterclassing. During the meeting, participants will learn about real Power BI use cases. 

Microsoft Power BI - a recipe for success in a rapidly changing business world

The webinar will take place on 17 June 2021. The meeting will be hosted by Mateusz Bazan and Rafał Wieczorek from EBIS at 10:15.
During this online event, each participant will learn how, with Power BI, the board, management and employees can make more informed business decisions affecting cost reduction, detecting inefficient processes or identifying new opportunities. Significantly, the information provided during the webinar will be based on real data from implemented projects. 

The meeting will last 45 minutes and consist of a presentation by EBIS representatives and a QA session. 

The webinar will focus on the issues of lack of knowledge resulting from preliminary data analysis. Participants, together with the speakers, will also take a closer look at the problem of lack of understanding of what is profitable and effective in companies and what is not (project/service/supply chain) and will refer to the benefits that can be achieved by using Microsoft Power BI for data analysis.   

Registration for the workshop on Power BI

We invite you to register for the event today. All details can be found on the website of our partner, Masterclassing - LINK TO REGISTRATION.