Dashboard in a Day - the next edition of Power BI workshops in October!
2019-10-01 News

Dashboard in a Day - the next edition of Power BI workshops in October!

Already on 17.10.2019 in Krakow, the next edition of free, one-day Dashboard in a Day workshops will be held, dedicated to representatives of companies that will help to understand the capabilities of Power BI system better. As in the case of previous editions, EBIS in cooperation with a partner, Microsoft, is responsible for the organization of the event.

Power BI - support for business

The current market situation gives entrepreneurs practically unlimited access to data, and through them also to information. However, data can only be transformed into valuable business information if we can adequately aggregate, segment and then present them in the form of clear charts and reports. Data prepared in such a way becomes a valuable source of information and facilitates making the right business decisions.

Thanks to Power BI, the whole process is much faster and simpler. What is essential, we get constant access to all company data in one place, without the risk of skipping critical information or making a mistake in manual calculations. These are significant issues that every entrepreneur should pay attention to.

- The "Dashboard in a Day" workshop is organized together with our partner, Microsoft, once again. They are always very popular among representatives of companies from various industries, which makes us very happy. The opportunity to show in practice how Power BI system facilitates business data analysis is a priority task for our team, which we always approach with full passion. We know the possibilities of Power BI from its first version, so during the workshops, participants can count on full, substantive support - explains Mateusz Bazan, CEO at EBIS. 

How will the Dashboard in a Day workshops run?

The training will have a typical workshop character. Each participant will gain specific, practical knowledge in the field of data analysis, and during the one-day meeting, they will work on their data. The workshop aims to help in understanding how to effectively analyse data so that it can be translated into relevant business decisions.

After the workshop, each participant will know how to:

➡ Aggregate and import data from various sources correctly,

➡ Define business rules and KPIs,

➡ Analyse data using modern visualisation tools,

➡ Create interactive reports,

➡ Share the analyses created with others in the task force.

The number of places is limited! We invite all representatives of companies to sign up today and share information about the training with other people who can use the "Dashboard in a Day" workshops to help in their daily work on data analysis. To apply, please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM