360-degree analytics

Power BI is a set of analytics tools which provide an insight into most critical data for your organization. By connecting multiple data sources, Power BI gives you a holistic view of the processes in your organization, in all areas.

Increase benefits, reduce risks. An ongoing insight into unified metrics is a key to taking accurate business decisions in all departments of your organization.

Interactive reports and navigational desktops created in Power BI let you perform analysis in such fields as finance, sales and marketing, HR, IT or logistics.


Manage the finance of your organization effectively, plan expenditure and investment, react to any change and make faster decisions, predict your future moves in advance.
Reports generated in Power BI present data from various sources. You can model them as needed, creating short summary reports as well as detailed ones. Updates will be received in real time and reports on demand. You can share your analysis with your co-workers at a click of a button.

Sales and marketing

Power BI allows you to import data from several popular business services, thanks to which you can monitor and analyze your marketing campaigns in real time, at one place. Through Power BI you will obtain a full insight into your activities by visualizing data from the Internet, social media and e-mail.
Presenting data from services such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce allows you to perform a detailed analysis of sales and monitor trends. You will optimize your sales strategy and effectively support your sales team by providing them with detailed metrics which are crucial for building long term business plans.


Power BI provides a set of tools to gather and monitor all significant data, including HR data.
An insight into crucial metrics from navigational dashboards ensures the security of your organization. Thanks to interactive reports, you will obtain detailed knowledge of trends regarding employee turnover and retention. You will be kept up-to-date using auto refresh of data. Mobile alerts, on the other hand, will provide information on any change in recruitment.


With the help of Power BI you can keep track of and analyze the expenditure on IT infrastructure maintenance in your organization. As far as security is concerned, you will receive access to metrics regarding the application of security standards.
Power BI will take your technical support to the next level. Improve your customer satisfaction with the support by optimizing its resources on the basis of trend analysis. All the essential data can be instantly visualized in the form of interactive dashboards, which will provide you with the needed metrics.


Get access to a comprehensive insight into data, ranging from production to distribution. Thanks to detailed multidimensional reports, Power BI lets you analyze the most recent operational data. You get access to information about stock levels or product priorities at a click of a button. Mobile alerts allow you to quickly react in the case of supply interruptions, stock shortages and other needs where time plays a crucial role.


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